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Cori R. Lopez comes to JC Promotions, Inc and its subsidiary BCC-IMC with over twenty years of marketing and PR experience in the consumer packaged goods industry and is responsible for the strategic development of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s communications and publicity plan. Ms. Lopez has held senior brand marketing positions with some of the country’s largest consumer goods companies including the Miller Brewing Company, Mars, Inc., and most recently with Unilever Foods, where she was a product manager for Lawry’s Seasonings. Cori is a welcomed addition to the BaumanCurry team with extensive expertise in brand message development, copywriting, event marketing and Internet projects. Prior to her current role at BaumanCurry & Co., Ms. Lopez was the Director of Marketing & Media Relations for the National Hispanic Media Coalition, the country’s foremost American Latino media advocacy organization, dedicated to promoting ethnic employment and programming diversity in TV, Film and Radio.

Lopez is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton where she received her B.A. degree in Marketing/Communications from the university’s prestigious School of Communications and also earned an A.A. Degree in Journalism, holding several editorial positions and was a Features Columnist with the university’s daily newspaper.
Executive Vice President

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